hello, 2014!

from novemeber to now it's amazing how much has been going on. i'd like to say that that's the reason i haven't blogged but i'll admit it's just because i'm lazy.
after thanksgiving came christmas, as it usually does, and it was really good! honestly it was one of the best christmases to date. not just because i got sweet presents (which i did....), but i think i just appreciated the time i got to spend with my family and friends. knowing that jack was leaving in a few weeks was hard, but it made me want to spend that time with my family... so it was a really good christmas/christmas break.

jack left a week ago today (yay!!! we made it a whole week). to be honest it's felt like the longest week of my life! it's weird how even though we didn't live under the same roof i still miss him so much. saying goodbye to him was freaking hard. i know he's doing the right thing and i honestly can't even put into words how proud i am of him. i don't want him to be anywhere else but on his mission serving the lord. but i still miss him! i miss his funny texts and snapchats and his weird herbert the pervert voice. i have his ipod and i listen to his favorite songs a lot. i mean, he's my older brother and he's been the one person who i've been able to tell anything to through everything in my life. so it's hard to know that when i have a problem i'm not going to be able to just call him or meet up with somewhere and talk. but it's only two years and that's what i keep telling myself! plus, pen pals are so fun. i've always wanted one. :)
(how handsome is he?)

i started school a few days ago which has been going pretty good... kinda? i mean, monday went really well actually. monday is my math class and it's probably going to be my favorite class i've taken so far. my teacher is hilarious and the kids in my class are really cool. i've made a few friends already which is nice. the only thing that sucks is it's math and i have to actually learn stuff and do homework and take the final. whatever. 
the only reason i said school was going kinda good was because of my class tuesday. so, i have this english teacher who is.... something else. i mean, maybe it's just me but i am definitely not getting good vibes from him. first of all, he's a full time video game designer and part time teacher..... haha oookk. so we get into class today and right off the bat he writes the four elements on the board (you know, earth.. wind.. water.. fire..) and then tells us we need to pick the one that describes us the most then share with the rest of the class why we think it describes us. what the heck? haha i was so lost and when it was my turn i froze. "uhhhh... i guess wind? i mean i'm quiet.. until you get to know me. then i'm loud." he just looked and me and was all, "ok.. just, yeah sit down. haha." first of all, rude. then he tells us he isn't grading us like normal. we don't get "A"'s or "B"'s... he's grading us based on points. so, everytime you do a homework assignment you get like, 200 points. or everytime you participate in class you getg 40 points. points as in, game points. and when you reach a certain amount of points you advance to a "new level" (or to normal people, a new letter grade). he also calls our class dominion. like, the board game dominion. he scares me.
i guess it'll be an interesting class... one i have a feeling i won't be making friends in. within the first three minutes of sitting down at a table, this girl (who i actually went to williams field with for a little bit), looked at me and the other kids at my table, got up, and switched to another table because we clearly weren't cool enough for her. it was high school all over again haha. her loss. i think i'm pretty cool.

well i guess that's all i have for you right now. i know i always say "i'll blog more i promise!!!" but odds are i probably won't. but i promise i'll try!
hope everyone's having a good new year! :)

love, shelby

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