crappy punk rock

holy cow this has been the craziest week ever! i haven't been this busy since 'nam! but it has been so so good to be doing stuff finally since my summer was (mostly) boring and full of netflix and being a giant lazy.
this was my first week back to school and i can already tell the semester is going to be awesome... there really isn't anything i love more than school (weird, right? you'd think someone like me would never say something like that..). my classes are great, the people are great, i'm making friends, and i'm just really excited for the next few months! i'm taking 13 credit hours, which is more than i've been taking in the past. i'm nervous but, i know passing my classes isn't going to be a problem. it's just going to take up a lot of my time. plus i have service learning hours, among all of the homework and class time, that i have to fit in the semester. but i'm really looking forward to that... working in an actual classroom is going to be awesome and scary and exciting! everything is becoming more real!

other than school, i've just been hanging out with my friends and doing crazy things 17 year olds should be doing! i don't have much time left until i'm (legally) an "adult" so, i'm trying to live it up! 

kaley and i have been going to the temple once a week for the past little while and it's been a really cool experience. i had only gone to the temple once before when i was 12, so when i went the first time i was really, really nervous haha. each time after has been easier and better, and i always look forward to going. it's nice to have a friend who's willing to do something like that with me! most people would want to spend their time doing other things, but i love that i have a friend who's willing to take time out of their day to help me get back into the things i need to be doing! 

also, i got a calling in church a few weeks ago. i'm a sunbeams teacher. it's 100% crazy and fun and stressful haha. i love the kids i teach already, but they are... rowdy little suckers. but, if i want to be a teacher then what better way to get practice? 

so, anyways... life is real real good! :) i'm constantly doing homework or studying or with my friends or at a football or baseball game... i feel guilty right now for writing this and not doing homework haha. but, i needed a break.

oh also! tucker comes home next week.... like from his mission.. that he left on two years ago. what the heeeck?? that is totally crazy. haha i can't believe that. i'm freaking excited. and jack hits 8 months in the next few days. time flies!

i found this shirt the other day. i was pretty excited about it! 


july 4th

one of the best weekends of my life.
heber is honestly the greatest.

besides my friends. first its my friends, then heber.

love, shelby


hello, you beautiful thing

this week has been the best week. i haven't slept in my own bed since last thursday, but i love my friends so much that i don't even care!

like i said in my last post, i went out of town this last week. i was in california with some of my best friends. it was a good time. :)

on monday we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove to newport to go to the beach. the beach is not my thing, but i had a good time.. 

on tuesday we went to the santa monica pier. we also road bikes and had a picnic like lunch on the beach! my legs still kill from that day, but so so worth it.

then on wednesday we went to magic mountain! my legs also still hurt from that day. and my head, and shoulders, and sun burnt bod.

i miss this already!

love, shelby


i'm going out of town for almost a week, and i can't believe that i am so sad to leave my best friend :/ i never thought in a million years i'd be a dog person, but dean is the sweetest, most beautiful dog in the world (he can be a boy and still be beautiful). i'm excited for this next week, but i'm also excited to get back to my puppy!! 

love, shelby



yesterday was a long, long, busy, long, good day. i actually spent the first half of it at the car dealership getting my oil changed (which i was supposed to do a very long time ago..). then after i went and babysat my "cousin". (its my moms cousins daughter, so i have no idea what to call her... cousin will do.)

her name is berkley (B for short), and she is just about the cutest thing in the world.

after we went and visited my uncle mike's grave. it was a good/sad time. i missed my family, because i feel like i never see the lesueur side. it was soooo good to see them all! but obviously it was sad, because mike was the best guy i know! and i miss him a lot. :) it's a darn good thing i'll see him again someday, because if i couldn't... then that would be a shame!

we also heard from jack, and even got some sweet pictures of spain! i love that kid more and more every email!

i love my family today! (and every day.. but especially today.)

have a great day!! 
love, shelby


i don't have a title for this

wassup my friends!

so, a lot a lot a loooot has been going on lately. first, we got an email from jack today (from spain!!). he told us about his tour of spain on tuesday, his comp., and basically just the general area of where he's going to be for the next year and eight months. and seriously, let me tell you. i am so mother freaking jealous. i guess the area he's in is the "rich" part of spain, and everything is just beautiful. he said it's exactly like what you see in pictures. and his apartment is amazing and ginormous (compared to his last one). oh, and his companion speaks only spanish... haha which i think is awesome! it's forcing him to have to learn spanish. he sounds sooo happy. 

next, i finished my room! i think it looks sweet. but honestly the pictures i'm about to show you don't do it justice. i think it's swag swag swaaag. 



my room looks really boring in the pictures and actually quite ugly. but i have a tv and dresser and book shelf and all that stuff. you just can't see it. i promise.

also, i cut my hair today. it was honestly kind of a spur of the moment thing, but i think it was fun to be spontaneous! it's short, for sure. but i kinda like it! idk. i feel dumb saying i like stuff about me haha.

awkward selfie. :)

other than that, nothings new from like.. two days ago. i have an interview for this job coming up. so, fingers crossed i get it because i need this so bad!

welp, goodnight friends!

love, shelby