july 4th

one of the best weekends of my life.
heber is honestly the greatest.

besides my friends. first its my friends, then heber.

love, shelby


me cuesta tanto olvidarte

somedays i am reminded just how blessed i am to be the person i am. 
like today. 
today started out kind of crappy, mostly because i had had a pretty bad night. but i woke up and just immediately told myself that i was not going to have a bad day. and it was a pretty good one. 

i got a letter in the mail from jack, and i needed it. a lot. we're both going through some similar things together, which definitely stinks, but its nice that i have him to share such a personal experience with. im glad i can be there for him, and im so glad he can be there for me. i won't tell you a lot about his letter, but he said to me "i trust God. i know that He has a plan for me and that all the hard times we have are for our own good. the sun sets before the rise. this will make me better and i know there are better things ahead. and i hope my experiences help a bit with yours. it's hard sometimes in love, but God will help us find what we need. so trust Him."

im trying really hard to get back into church, and as i do that i see blessings... constantly. i see myself growing in ways i didn't know i could. im comforted when life gets hard.. i am more confident as a person.. i see things in a new way.. and i just feel at peace. i have a lot of faith and trust that things are happening exactly the way they are supposed to, and i am really excited for life and my future and i am so optimistic! 

i am really thankful for jack today, too. i wouldn't be where i am today without him! i wish i could give that kid a big giant hug! 

life is silly, but it's all about perspective. you just have to make the best of it all! and it's actually all pretty wonderful.
love, shelby


hello, you beautiful thing

this week has been the best week. i haven't slept in my own bed since last thursday, but i love my friends so much that i don't even care!

like i said in my last post, i went out of town this last week. i was in california with some of my best friends. it was a good time. :)

on monday we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove to newport to go to the beach. the beach is not my thing, but i had a good time.. 

on tuesday we went to the santa monica pier. we also road bikes and had a picnic like lunch on the beach! my legs still kill from that day, but so so worth it.

then on wednesday we went to magic mountain! my legs also still hurt from that day. and my head, and shoulders, and sun burnt bod.

i miss this already!

love, shelby


i'm going out of town for almost a week, and i can't believe that i am so sad to leave my best friend :/ i never thought in a million years i'd be a dog person, but dean is the sweetest, most beautiful dog in the world (he can be a boy and still be beautiful). i'm excited for this next week, but i'm also excited to get back to my puppy!! 

love, shelby



yesterday was a long, long, busy, long, good day. i actually spent the first half of it at the car dealership getting my oil changed (which i was supposed to do a very long time ago..). then after i went and babysat my "cousin". (its my moms cousins daughter, so i have no idea what to call her... cousin will do.)

her name is berkley (B for short), and she is just about the cutest thing in the world.

after we went and visited my uncle mike's grave. it was a good/sad time. i missed my family, because i feel like i never see the lesueur side. it was soooo good to see them all! but obviously it was sad, because mike was the best guy i know! and i miss him a lot. :) it's a darn good thing i'll see him again someday, because if i couldn't... then that would be a shame!

we also heard from jack, and even got some sweet pictures of spain! i love that kid more and more every email!

i love my family today! (and every day.. but especially today.)

have a great day!! 
love, shelby


here's some music.

good morning all 9 people that read my blog! (you're 9 of the best anonymous people i know..)
today is a good day. one, because it's saturday, and saturday's are good days. two, because it's jace's tenth birthday. holy cow, where did the time go? 10??? freak.... 
and three, because, i don't know it just feels like a good day!

so, i've been wanting to do a post about music for a while, because music is pretty much my favorite thing in the whole world (besides like, my family and friends and food yadda yadda oxygen blah blah). a lot of times i buy music and then forget about how much i love certain songs like, a year down the road. so i wanted to do a post about my favorite music (right now). it's changing constantly, but for now, these are my favorites. 

*side note: my music is a giant deal to me. i'm oddly possessive of bands and artists and songs, and i hate sharing them with people. me and jack have that in common haha. there are some of my favorite songs i can't share because i feel like they're my songs (i'm weird i know), and also because me and jack email each other a lot about music, and so some of them i feel like are our songs. not that you guys even care much anyways.... but okay, here we go haha.

also these aren't in any order. pretty random actually.

1: tyrant kings by needtobreathe.

this is my all time favorite band in the entire world. i was supposed to go see them a few weeks ago but i ended up not going. (this is jacks favorite, too.) all of their songs are sooooo amazing. but tyrant kings is probably my favorite right now.

2: migraine by twenty one pilots.

this song is weird. but i think it's a cool kind of weird haha. i like blasting the "rap" (whatever it is, i don't even know.) really loud. i don't know many of the words but, i pretend to.

3: unwritten by natasha bedingfield.

okay let's be honest. we all love this song. 

4: oceans (where my feet may fail) by hillsong united.

jack showed me this song, and it's definitely a little churchy, but it's honestly one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard. it's a good sunday song!

5: remember me by augustana.

this song is actually really depressing haha. (jack told me about this one too... his taste in music is flawless.. except he doest listen to akon sometimes and that's confusing to me.) but it's a good one, for sure.

6: just what i needed by the cars.

this song is just a classic. i heard it on the mindy project a few weeks ago and now it's always stuck in my head haha

7: kick drum heart by the avett brothers.

just a good one to jam too. the avett brothers don't really have a song i don't like

8: yellow by coldplay.

love songs... are the best (is this a love song? haha i don't know it sounds like one. we'll say yes.)

9: fast car (cover) by michael collings.

this song is the absolute best cover of any song i have heard. you have to listen to the acoustic version though, that one is awesome. this song makes me sad though so... sometimes i hate it

10: london bridge by fergie.

okay hahaha i'm actually kind of embarrassed to admit that i like this song because it's freaking dirty. but if you don't listen to the words then it's all good! also theres a clean version of it (it's not as cool... whoops) but yeah, this song roxxxx.

11: hey ya by obadiah parker.

i love the guitar, and this version (of a song that i always that was really weird until now) is awesome.

12: stay with me by sam smith.

i think this is actually pretty popular song. but i definitely pretend i know how to sing when it comes on. ughhhh it's so good

well, that's about it i guess. i really had a hard time picking my favorite from needtobreathe. i love them. so much. but yeah, you can look these songs up and listen to them or just... not! i don't even care! 

anyways, i hope everyone has the best saturday of their lives. 
and happy birthday to the cutest boy i know. :)

love, shelby