shelby, spencer & dean

the best boyfriends grow you flowers instead of buying them (although i still love the store bought kind:) )
well, they're not flowers yet but they will be.

also, dean is doing good and is cuter than ever… i just wish he was house trained already because it's getting flipping hot outside. someone teach me how to train a dog……… :/

love, shelby


dean dip

so, i am not an animal person. which is a terrible thing to say. i like animals but i do not like to touch animals, or clean up after animals or… anything of that sort. but…. for some reason lately i've just really wanted a dog. and by lately i mean the last few months. and i think it's because spencer's leaving and i'm gonna want a cuddle buddy (gag.) once he's gone hahaha. but my dad said the only way in heck i could get one is if i payed for everything….(everything) myself. well, ya, he just said that because he didn't think i'd do it. and i also had to clean up the backyard. (which…. you should've seen it. i'm still working on it because it's just a freaking mess. the weeds are huge and a weak girl can only hoe so fast.) but, nonetheless…. this friday i got me my very own dog! he's a golden retriever, 8 weeks old today, and is the cutest thing ever. his name is dean, me and jake call him dean dip. 

these last few days have been…. hard. and honestly by now our family would already be looking for a new home for the little guy. but i swear by the hair on my head, i'm sticking this out. i will train this dog, he will be my friend, and he will not be going anywhere. i freaking swear it! 
right now he can kind of sit when you tell him to, but not totally. we're working on it. and at first he was really good at going to the bathroom outside but now he freaking sucks at it…. so i'm crate training him. which i hate. but, it has to be done!
anyways, wish me luck. seriously…. 

love, shelby



i'm sooooo ready for baseball season (even if it just means watching my 9 year old brother play. baseball is baseball).

love, shelby 



i've realized lately that it won't be long until spencer is leaving on his mission… and even though that's the coolest thing in the entire world, it's also one of the saddest things in the entire world haha. so, we've been taking a lot of pictures lately so the both of us can have them.

spencer works at the sno shack, so that's where we took these. (don't worry, we were totally sanitary! and spencer washes his hands when he makes your snow cones. come on guys.)
i'm thankful for a best friend that makes me laugh as much as he does. 

:) love, shelby



yesterday we went to the renaissance (i've spelled that word like 80 times now and i still have to spell check it every time) festival for the first time in forever and it was… an experience. i haven't been since i was probably jace's age and it's definitely a different experience now that i'm older. i'm not one to judge but there are a lot of interesting characters there haha. but obviously i'll be back in the next week or so! say what you want, that place is fun.

love, shelby



so did you know that it's actually possible to be so busy you forget how to do things like be lazy? i've never really experienced that but i bet it sucks. i'm busy a lot with school and stuff at home and friends.. but i don't have a job or anything so my life rox. everyone at school always complains about how they're so busy and they just never have time to do anything fun, and i'm just like…. yikes. haha. sucks to be you. my life is pretty good. i wake up, get ready, go to school, then either hang out with spencer or go to my moms or watch tv. and somewhere in that time i do a few hours of homework. but, i'm pretty lucky, i've found out. i don't have a lot of responsibilities at the moment (which i know will change once i start taking more classes and have to get a job). so, i'm just kind of taking it all in right now and enjoying it. i'm being 17 while i can be 17!
things have been pretty weird without jack around. i've definitely missed him but writing a missionary has been a blessing all in itself. he's helping me to be a better person in a million ways, ways i would've never been able to be if i would've been here figuring it out by myself. he's hilarious, and his companions are so lucky haha. i love his letters and his pictures. he is the sweetest kid and i love mondays now. 
to be honest i don't know who that is with him on the left… but i just like the picture of him!

other than jack, nothing else is really new! school is pretty boring… all i really do is hang out with spencer, which is actually fun. i like hanging out with him, obviously. he just got a job at the sno shack which i think is rad. 

i have the cutest boyfriend.

until next time, friends.
love, shelby 


hello, 2014!

from novemeber to now it's amazing how much has been going on. i'd like to say that that's the reason i haven't blogged but i'll admit it's just because i'm lazy.
after thanksgiving came christmas, as it usually does, and it was really good! honestly it was one of the best christmases to date. not just because i got sweet presents (which i did....), but i think i just appreciated the time i got to spend with my family and friends. knowing that jack was leaving in a few weeks was hard, but it made me want to spend that time with my family... so it was a really good christmas/christmas break.

jack left a week ago today (yay!!! we made it a whole week). to be honest it's felt like the longest week of my life! it's weird how even though we didn't live under the same roof i still miss him so much. saying goodbye to him was freaking hard. i know he's doing the right thing and i honestly can't even put into words how proud i am of him. i don't want him to be anywhere else but on his mission serving the lord. but i still miss him! i miss his funny texts and snapchats and his weird herbert the pervert voice. i have his ipod and i listen to his favorite songs a lot. i mean, he's my older brother and he's been the one person who i've been able to tell anything to through everything in my life. so it's hard to know that when i have a problem i'm not going to be able to just call him or meet up with somewhere and talk. but it's only two years and that's what i keep telling myself! plus, pen pals are so fun. i've always wanted one. :)
(how handsome is he?)

i started school a few days ago which has been going pretty good... kinda? i mean, monday went really well actually. monday is my math class and it's probably going to be my favorite class i've taken so far. my teacher is hilarious and the kids in my class are really cool. i've made a few friends already which is nice. the only thing that sucks is it's math and i have to actually learn stuff and do homework and take the final. whatever. 
the only reason i said school was going kinda good was because of my class tuesday. so, i have this english teacher who is.... something else. i mean, maybe it's just me but i am definitely not getting good vibes from him. first of all, he's a full time video game designer and part time teacher..... haha oookk. so we get into class today and right off the bat he writes the four elements on the board (you know, earth.. wind.. water.. fire..) and then tells us we need to pick the one that describes us the most then share with the rest of the class why we think it describes us. what the heck? haha i was so lost and when it was my turn i froze. "uhhhh... i guess wind? i mean i'm quiet.. until you get to know me. then i'm loud." he just looked and me and was all, "ok.. just, yeah sit down. haha." first of all, rude. then he tells us he isn't grading us like normal. we don't get "A"'s or "B"'s... he's grading us based on points. so, everytime you do a homework assignment you get like, 200 points. or everytime you participate in class you getg 40 points. points as in, game points. and when you reach a certain amount of points you advance to a "new level" (or to normal people, a new letter grade). he also calls our class dominion. like, the board game dominion. he scares me.
i guess it'll be an interesting class... one i have a feeling i won't be making friends in. within the first three minutes of sitting down at a table, this girl (who i actually went to williams field with for a little bit), looked at me and the other kids at my table, got up, and switched to another table because we clearly weren't cool enough for her. it was high school all over again haha. her loss. i think i'm pretty cool.

well i guess that's all i have for you right now. i know i always say "i'll blog more i promise!!!" but odds are i probably won't. but i promise i'll try!
hope everyone's having a good new year! :)

love, shelby